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Peruvian Bracelet for Women - Huayruro Red & Black Seeds, Owl Charm

Product Descriptions

Tired of seeing the same plain jewelry everywhere?

Looking for something original that will make you feel elegant, sophisticated, and gorgeous?

This owl charm bracelet for women by Evelyn Brooks may be what you are looking for!

Hand made in the US with medium (8mm) natural Huayruro (why-ee-ru-ro) peruvian beads. It features a owl charm, as well as metal rings; you won't be just wearing a fashionable piece, but also some of Peru's treasures and mysteries!

The Legend

Huayruro seeds are believed to bring positive energy, love, happiness, and good fortune to the person that wears them. These seeds have been worn for hundreds of years, even by Incan royalty in South America. This bracelet will make a meaningful gift for that good friend or for your special someone. It will put a giant smile on her face!

Fantastic Fit

This bracelet piece is adjustable and will give you the perfect fit. This is due to its expandable and long lasting stretch band concept that makes buying jewelry painless and easy!

Lifetime Investment

Our pieces will last a lifetime. Buy just one, two, or three great pieces to wear on special occasions instead of acquiring a drawer full of jewelry you rarely wear, our pieces are also very affordable. Huayruro seeds are a wonderful alternative to mined stones for a fraction of the price.


All Huayruro seeds are handpicked by a fair paid organized community, we work our designs with metals that come from certified environmentally responsible sources and practices. Who said looking great can't contribute to the environment?

Give Huayruros & give good luck! ADD TO CART NOW

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