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Our eco-friendly jewelry company, is committed to social responsibility and uses our jewelry line to spread awareness about global issues.

Evelyn Brooks has traveled the world with the airlines industry prior to becoming aJEWELRY DESIGNER. A critical point in her life came on September 11th, 2001. Evelyn was due to fly on the United Airlines flight 93, but was rescheduled to fly same airplane, same time one day earlier. As result of this profound experience, Evelyn firmly believes she is living her life as she is meant to by using her talents to help those in need as well as inspiring other companies to join the social responsible worldwide movement.

“There is a meaning in all we do in life. The reason for doing business is not simply business;  I feel strongly compelled and committed to contribute to social change.” said Evelyn.

Through jewelry exhibitions,CUSTOM JEWELRY designs and donations, Evelyn Brooks Designs helps raise funds to different community groups and non-profit organizations such as Fashion Fights Poverty, Empowered Women International, Hoja Nueva, and Fund for Women Artists among others. We create employment and work closely with our seed collectors to help understand the importance of producing quality products.

Our meaningful eco-friendly jewelry uses natural seeds from the Peruvian Amazon that are carefully handpicked by a fair paid organized community; we contribute with the efforts of working our designs with precious metals that come from a certified environmentally source and responsible practices like Lima Beads, Halstead Beads & Rio Grande.  “Huayruros” (why-ee-ru-ros) seeds, are a wonderful alternative to mined stones.
We also recycle pieces we haven’t sold and reuse them in to new designs. Recycled jewelry offers a responsible way for you to add earth-friendly treasures to your personal collection.
We also help reduce waste by giving you investment pieces that will last a lifetime. Buy just one, two three great pieces to wear on special occasions instead of acquiring a drawer full of jewelry you rarely wear, our pieces are also affordable.

Join our eco-friendly world and be part of the change. Shop Evelyn Brooks Designs!