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As a mom, you are always busy!  Narrowing down the perfect outfit for a casual summer day can be complicated and is not something you have time for.  There are many simple ways that you can create a fashionable statement without interrupting your hectic schedule.

Accessorize.  A fashionable yet functional summer look is a simple outfit accessorized with a statement necklace to show off your unique style.  The Braided Reversible Good Luck Necklace is elegant and bold.  Pairing this with a plain t-shirt and some cropped pants will make it look like you had more than 5 minutes to get ready this morning.  Add a comfortable pair of sandals, grab your purse, and you’re out the door. Old Navy makes a wide variety of stylish cropped pants that pair amazingly with basic t-shirts, simple sandals, and the versatile statement necklace.

Braided Reversible Good Luck NecklaceOutfit 1


Keep it simple.  On those days when the summer heat is too strong, you will want your outfit to be as minimal as possible. Combine a flowy tank top with your favorite pair of shorts.  To finish off the look, choose the Good Luck Wire Earrings for a dainty, feminine touch.  You can go about your day in the heat in the most comfortable yet fashionable way!  The grey tank top seen below can be found at the Gap and goes perfectly with the light pink shorts and red flats that match the earrings.


Good Luck Wire EarringsOutfit 2

Be bold. When you want to dress up a little more on a normal day, a patterned wrap dress is the perfect choice.  It is flattering, comfortable, and chic when paired with the right accessories.  The Passion Red Good Luck bracelet will tie the outfit together.  The dress below from New Look is the perfect summer dress to go with the gorgeous bracelet.  A red tote bag and a pair of silver sandals balance everything out.

Passion Red Good Luck BraceletOutfit 3

This summer, your busy schedule does not have to get in the way of being fabulous.  Find some comfortable, chic basics that you love and pair them with bright, statement-worthy jewelry.  This will surely create the freshest summer looks—with an added hint of luck!

Learn more about the beautiful story of our Peruvian huayruros by clicking here!

Peruvian huayruros (WHY-EE-RU-ROS) are without a doubt the lucky seeds even during Pre-Inca times. The Inca,  “King of the Inca Empire”  will always carry a little pouch with huayruro (why-ee-ru-ro) seeds in it, and use them as a symbol of protection.

I still remember I didn’t like to wear those seeds in a traditional way, no design just the seeds as simple strands. Now I totally believe there is a reason for everything. I love my huayrur0 (why-ee-ru-ro) seeds, l love the color, the uniqueness of each of them and most important they are a symbol of prosperity, love & happiness; although I wanted to wear them and show the world you can wear them in much modern way.

I feel proud to wear them and see others wearing them, too;  my new minimal collection shows the seeds with a delicate little touch, for those who like big pieces I also have the seeds designed into beautiful large necklaces with the seeds, silver and gold.

evelynbrooks_ 8n7291_image11 IMG_4906

For years I have worked hard to promote my jewelry designs made with Peruvian huayruro seeds. I have given away thousands of good luck charms sharing the meaning of the lucky huayruro seeds, those who also know about the seeds they know, the seeds have to be given as gifts.

Picking up a magazine that talks about “The Beauty of the Seeds” is a personal dream made come true that I am also very PROUD to share this with YOU ALL.

I believed so much in my work and I would work hard for Peruvians and non Peruvians alike to know about the traditional huayruro (why-ee-ru-ro)seeds through my jewelry designs.  With the article “The Beauty of the Seeds”  published by USA TODAY for their publication Hispanic Living Magazine, more and more people will know about the huayrur0 (why-ee-ru-ro) seeds and my work.


Reading the article is beyond surreal. You can not imagine how PROUD I felt. A mompreneur, working  hard for my kids and family to have a better future for ALL of US; knowing that those sleepless nights and stressful days are always there but there are also days when we do have to celebrate and say to ourselves ” you are doing a great job” slow down for a little, enjoy that beautiful moment, then pad your back and continue working.

Check out my video been a model for one day:)

To those women out there, mompreneurs, single parents YOU CAN DO IT! Just surround yourself with those who empower YOU, those who are actually bringing positive things to your life and your career, those who sometimes become your family without even being your family.

Share your thoughts anytime and let’s all empower ourselves!!!


Evelyn Brooks