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Once a year you had the opportunity for everyone in the family to learn, explore, eat & shop at Taste of Peru DC ALL IN ONE DAY!

Months ahead we planned to launch new jewelry designs as well as our new stone collection, to the largest Peruvian event in Washington DC. It would be a great opportunity to get feedback and see if people would like it or not.

Residents from all over the DC metro area, came to experience culinary classes, cultural dances, and to shop at the market place; They experienced ALL that in one place, at the University of DC on Connecticut Ave.

Every year we have been part of the Market Place and every year we meet new customers or seen those coming back not only to shop, to say HI, or simply have a picture with our georgeous models.

We also had the opportunity to meet famous Peruvian chefs who make food lovers fall in love with their expertise in Peruvian Cuisine.

You have many reason to come to Taste of Peru DC. if you didn’t make it this year, make sure you plan on it next year.

Come with  your friends or come with all your family;)

Hasta la próxima!

Evelyn Brooks


There are two kinds of jewelry photoshoot that as a jewelry designer you may end up having at least every season. One will be your product/jewelry photoshoot where all you will shoot is just pure jewelry pieces and the other one will be the one that involve a team with model, make up artist and of course that great photographer right?!

Either or, you have to plan in advance and this are the tools you will need.

1. – Polishing cloth, are you shooting sterling silver or gold make sure the jewelry pieces looks fully clean, so the pictures comes out clean and crisp.

2. – Cutting plyers, a couple flat nose players and round nose plyers, if somethings brakes, or those jump rings fell off or simply for any kind of last minute repair is always necessary.

3. – Extra chain, if you are working with a model chances are that the necklace is too long, or too short, or as a designer you think of a brand new design that can be photograph, so never forget your bag of tools for your photoshoot.

4. -Extra lobster class, if you have a necklace and you are planning on hanging the necklace as part of the dress, you need to put a lobster clasp in each side on the end of the necklace so you can hook it

5. – Good amount of memory on your cell phone for those behind the scenes shots and/or videos (don’t forget to be proactive in all social media platforms and let your audience know about your photoshoot, behind the scenes, coming soon, etc…

6.- Shooting with a model (then the survivor kid, that should include needle, safety pins, thread and clips) If you are having a photoshoot with a model, the photographer, the make-up artist, the model and you have to become the best team to work with and many times, either the photographer needs a safety pin to attach something or the model needs a safety pin or something got ripped off from the dress so, you have to be ready to take care of it.

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Hope this helps next time you do a product or fashionable creative photoshoot;)


Evelyn Brooks