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And… I was asked who you designed your pieces for?

My designs are for elegant, sophisticated, independent women, with a strong personality but also with a great heart.
This year we turned 15 years old since Evelyn Brooks Designs launched its operations in 2004.
Clients like Mrs. Frances Crespo, one of my first customers, who has surprised me wearing one of my early designs for her professional photo shoot.

Women like her motivate me, she has my pieces for years, it is one of her favorite pieces and she still remembers me. All this and more helps this mompreneur to keep going.
In many ways this hard working lady Frances Crespo, who is also an entrepreneur formerly from Puerto Rico, who has been recognized for her work in many opportunities, she is a clear example that success doesn’t happen overnight, you can build it with your own actions and always having the right people surrounding you.

Cheers for 15 more years of EBD, and for all those beautiful projects in 2019

Frances thank YOU for your trust and preference over the years. Even though we don’t get to see each other often; respect and admiration are always there for you.


51311824_10156148836968177_4137478391513219072_nI love supporting other women business owners. Evelyn Brooks and I met in Washington DC when she was starting her jewelry design company about the same time I started mine 15 yrs ago. I’m excited to see that we are still doing our thing and being influencers for good in our communities and respective industry. The piece of jewelry that I’m wearing is from her first collection, it’s one of my favorite pieces and I knew I had to wear for my first professional photo shoot. Keep up the amazing work you are doing, and let’s keep supporting one another!


End of the weekly grind and so much to be thankful. When you are following your dreams of being an influencer for good, you have to get out of your own way and be seen which is hard for me because I’m very happy working in the background and being behind the scenes. Being seen is the only way you are going to effect change.

Esmeralda Heras, thanks for being so patient with me during my first professional photo shoot, the pictures are out of this world beautiful. You have an amazing gift to capture the essence of the soul that only you can see through your camera lens. I’m amazed at how beautiful they turned out and how patiently you waited for that faint smile underneath my cowboy hat to show an appearance.

Evelyn Brooks, thanks for using my picture to celebrate 15th years of you being in business. It’s an honor for me to wear your jewelry because I know you represent the professional business women, working hard every day doing great things not only in business but in your community as well.

Shirley Solis, thanks for believing in me. I’m so excited to be a guest speaker at your next Shirley Solis- Live Life! event in April. You have such a heart and passion to see women heal from the inside out and I wouldn’t be doing this without your trust and support, more like a big push!

“If you are going to be an influencer for good, you need to be seen!” ~Frances

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Photo credit: Heras & Company Photography

It was March 2nd of 2002, I arrived at the Dulles Airport in Virginia, with many dreams to fullfill. One of them was to be with my long time sweetheart, one of my brother’s best friend whom I ‘ve know since I was six years old. He had already talked to my mom, telling her, he will help me in every way once I come to Virginia. How many have come to the States, just to try luck, staying six months using our tourist visa, right? that was me.

So I called my “boyfriend” to pick me up from the airport and he said he couldn’t pick me up, Please, find another ride, he said; because he wouldn’t be able to help me. I guess (that phrase: finding a new ride) had a meaning that now after so many years I continue to understand. That same night I called a friend to see if I could stay with her, she agree and told me, to take the train, she will pick me up from Springfield Metro.
I remember crying on the bus and train ride thinking what would happen in the coming days and months.  I came to the U.S. because I was also tired of living in Perú, after a couple years living all by myself and very independently in Mexico, City for two years; I got use to my independence. Once my assignment with United Airlines in Mexico – city ended; I went back to Peru but couldn’t find a job there; I felt I didn’t fit in there anymore.

So that night, my girlfriend picked me up from Springfield metro and said to me: Ok, you must be sad and all that, but tonite we will go to a club (the back then popular, E-City in Tyssons Corner, VA) Obviously I didn’t feel like dancing; I felt lost, super sad, I felt my dreams were trashed in a matter of seconds. I don’t know what happened to my long time sweetheart who changed his mind, even till this day.
But that is not important anymore. He was right I needed to find another ride.

Anyhow…now I understand God’s purposes in a better way than almost 15 years ago.
That night I went out with my friend, that same night God will change my life forever. That night I met Mr. Brooks, with whom I married after eight months. Wanna know what happened to my old long time sweetheart? I have hardly saw him maybe but five time in all those years leaving in the U.S.

This post isn’t about my relashionship with my husband is more about who I was before I became Mrs. Brooks.

I was worried about how to survive. I only had $600 and I even thought about going back to Perú. My dad told me he would help me, only If I would go back to Perú. My younger brother told me: You have always being my super-hero, I know you will manage to be OK”; he gave me courage, to stay in the U.S.
So my friend Connie, help me find a job and that is how I ended up working at a beautiful home in Mclean. With a family who was looking for a living nanny where I will have a place to live and I will have a job, too. So I interviewed for the living nanny position and got my first job as a nanny, where I will take care of Joey, a five year old and will also help with the house shores.

I absolutely fall in love with Joey. He became my little buddy, my family. I didn’t have any relatives other than some friends. Joey would test me in many ways, his mom already told me about stories of him and other nanny’s that he didn’t like. And I hoped it would be different with me. He was always playful and high energetic. His mom worked so much we will be spending a lot of time together.
During school time I will drive Joey to the Beavouir School for boys in Washington DC and we will tell us so many stories, while driving. We will go to the country club, play in the pool, have playdates with his neighbors or simply go to chucky cheese.

While I worked as a living nanny, I dated Mr. Brooks and just as what happens when you are dating, we had good days and bad days. The only person that was there for me to cheer me up was the little five year old boy Joey. He knew when I was sad, he knew when I didn’t want to play much specially one day, because Mr. Brooks made a comment about perhaps I was dating him because of his U.S. citizenship. I was a person with real feelings I wasn’t looking for any paperwork to stay in the U.S. but I am pretty sure Mr. Brooks wasn’t the only and first person thinking, that about many women come just to get their green card. I guess soon he realized that wasn’t my purpose
Joey sometimes will actually tell me, Evelyn you are sad is OK, let’s just watch TV.

So days went by and I had one of the most special memories while I was Joey’s nanny. I remember the day his mom and dad, had to go to the hospital because Angela was pregnant and will give birth to A.J. Joey’s younger brother. Joey’s mom had asked me to please help her more than ever while she was at the hospital and of course I would not let her down. Joey and I were closer than ever. Things got a little complicated and we lived some difficult days because A.J. had severe jaundice issues. A.J. finally came back home and I was asked to babysit him, too; but in all honesty I was so worried about A.J. he was so tiny and he looked sick. I didn’t really wanted to watch him because I thought he will stop breathing at anytime. I will constantly put my finger in his nose just to see if he was breathing.

After a few weeks things got better for A.J. and I continue to work with this beautiful family.

Although my visa will soon expire, my dad got sick and I had to come back to Peru. I had to leave the country no later than November 23rd. 2002

I was sad to go back to Peru. I was sad to leave Joey and of course Bryan. It was hard to make understand a five year old what was happening. Other than I will come back to visit. I remember Joey was in my bedroom when I was packing my cloths to leave the house. I will pack and Joey will unpack, I will put things in my suitcase and he will get them all out. We both were heartbroken, it is hard to see someone we love go, right? I could understand it but how do you make a five year old understand it, right?

This weekend after so many years I had the chance to see Joey and his beautiful family on a weekend that I will never forget. Joey is now 20 years old. Instead of me watching him, now he is watching after Tyler and Stella. He’ll always be my little Joey. I hope when he reads this posts he knows how special he was for me. After so many years I want him to know he has a friend and just as he cheered me up when I needed it, if he ever needs me to cheer him up I will be there for him.

Yes, I was a nanny and house keeper. I am proud to have worked for my little Joey (now 20) and his family before I was Mrs. Brooks and before we launched Evelyn Brooks Designs over 13 years ago.
Many things have happened in both our families, after A.J, came Chloe (Joey’s youngest sister), they moved to North Carolina and continue with their life but we kept in touch.

I went from being a nanny, then to work in the travel industry and then to create Evelyn Brooks Designs.
Humbly proud of my beginnings, of the opportunities I was granted and to loudly say
YES, YOU CAN DO IT. We could have good and bad days but with perservace & courage YOU CAN DO IT.
Anything you want in life you can accomplish, you just have to work hard, get trained, study hard, while inspiring others to do the same and always being thankful with those who helped you.
I dedicate this post to my little Joey, THANK YOU, you will always have special place in my heart.