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At a very elegant ceremony held at the Embassy of Peru in Washington DC and hosted by Peruvian Ambassador Harold Forsyth and his wife Maria Veronica De Forsyth, entrepreneur and minority business owner Evelyn Brooks received the award for Successful Peruvian Women in America 2013.

This award is presented as part of the International Women’s Day celebration. The award recognizes Mrs. Brooks’ achievements, particularly for her commitment to preserve her cultural heritage and educate the world.

This is Mrs. Brooks’ first award by the Peruvian Embassy. However, she has won the Fashion Chamber Choice Award, the Young Entrepreneur Award, and the Anna Maria Memorial Business Funds Award among other recognitions.

During the ceremony, Evelyn mentioned how important many organizations in the DC Metropolitan Area have helped her business grow, as well as how important it has been for her to design jewelry inspired by her Peruvian heritage. 

I am much honored to be recognized by The Embassy of Peru, and from being selected among other successful Peruvian women business owners in the United States,” said Brooks.

The Peruvian American and second-generation jewelry designer has created unique designs in jewelry, mixing modern design and Peruvian culture for men and women. Her jewelry collection is exhibited at the most prestigious galleries and museums in the United States such as the Women’s Museum for the Arts, The Harvard Museum of Natural History and The Museum of Art & Design in New York among others.

About Evelyn Brooks Designs –

Based in Washington DC, Evelyn Brooks creates jewelry pieces that are exotic, sophisticated and elegant. All of them are crafted with fine care and exceptional workmanship, offering innovative, contemporary and sustainable jewelry designs. Evelyn Brooks works with recycled sterling silver, natural gemstones and seeds from the Amazons such as Huayruro seeds, a symbol of good luck, happiness and fertility.

Evelyn Brooks Designs strongly believes in socially responsible business and organizes events to raise funds for community groups and non-profit organizations. Through jewelry exhibitions and presentations, Evelyn Brooks Designs has raised funds for and contributed to the success of organizations such as Fashion Fights Poverty, Empowered Women International, and the Fund for Women Artists.

Council Magazine recently recognized her as Entrepreneur on the Rise for her exotic MOSCHIK jewelry collection for men and women.


Evelyn Brooks


I’m very excited to share with you that I have, for the very first time, hit international headlines! I was featured in a magazine from Panama called S.O.S Mama–Guia ideal para madres que trabajan. Basically, it’s a magazine targeted to working mothers. I’m featured in two pages in the magazine! This presence is a breakdown of an interview that I had with Maxim Morales from S.O.S mama. During the interview, she asked me questions about my jewelry company, how I divide my time between work, my husband and my 3-year-old son Tyler.


Here are the highlights of my interview:

How do you divide your time between work and your family?

I spend time with my son in the morning before he goes to school; we eat breakfast together, we talk, we play and we also fight just to ensure that he gets ready on time to go to school. I drop him off at 9am and pick him up at 1pm. Therefore, I have time to work in between. Once we’re back from school, Tyler takes his usual 2 hour nap so I can go back to work for another two hours. I try to divide my time and organize myself so that I can spend the most time I can with Tyler. When Tyler is not there I really take advantage of that time to work  very hard. I try to be the most productive I can. Iconcentrate on my work and getting things done. This is key for everything to work out. I also have my assistant that helps me to get things done.


What do you think about moms who feel guilty for not spending time with their kids because of their jobs? Also, who find that it’s getting harder to discipline them, so they see gifts and shopping as a way of rewarding their children.

I definitely do not believe that discipline has to be left aside because you come home tired. Our kids are and will be the reflection of us in the future. Everything they learn comes from home and later on from the place they go to school.  Even though sometimes it hurts, we have to be strong and be strict with them because they have to understand respect and limits. Kids now a days are more adaptable and smart. Generally, the only thing they are screaming for is attention, love, communication and quality time. I think that time passes so fast. Kids grow up too quick. All I suggest is to enjoy your kids to the fullest, even though sometimes you have to be strict.
What advice would you give women who work, that are moms and who feel that sometimes this journey seems impossible.

Get organized, get an agenda, prioritize and learn to say NO! Sometimes we want to do everything and anything. For example, that new project that seems promising because it will bring me many benefits, but in exchange of what? Don’t precipitate, don’t make hasty decisions, don’t get mesmerized by the project; read it and take time to decide.  Think about what you have and what you’re working on. If you’re not going to be able to execute the new project or the project will compromise a lot of your family time, don’t do it. You need to weigh your options. Sometimes its better to say “it seems like an excellent project, but unfortunately my agenda is full for the rest of the year, but we can talk about it next year.”  You will feel satisfied because you are doing the right thing.


A big thank you to S.O.S Mama for giving me this opportunity,