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Days fly and now we are close to Spring & Summer. In the Evelyn Brooks Studio we had to get ready to present you what is it new this season.

We continue working with my traditional Peruvian huayruros (why-de-ru-ros), they are naturally red & black. My favorite colors. And you should know the power of the Peruvian huayruros. They bring good luck, protection against negative energy, happiness & prosperity.

I love working with clusters and expanding my exotic collection bringing bracelets, big & chunky bracelets, those that people would stop, just to see what you are wearing.


My latest creation, the hand-crochet necklace, probably one of the most expensive pieces I have created, yet. Took me like 2 weeks of intense work to get it done. Retail price approx. $2400. Although remember this would probably be just what you need for that special night.

My love for intricate and delicate work is still there introducing my hand-braided choker necklaces and bracelets. As well as the bridal or special occasion head-bands:)


Flor Diaz, cultural attache of the Embassy of Peru in Washington DC

I can’t thank enough all of those involved in the making of my new jewelry campaign. The cultural attaché of the Embassy of Peru was invited and delighted to be part of the photo shoot.

The St. Gregory Hotel, Ericka Rivera hairstylist, Vyoleta Hyland, Boon Models and to Sandro Gomez Photography for all the hours he has invested in this project to make it perfect.

Will soon be sharing our final Spring/summer campaign 2014;)

so stay stunned!


Evelyn Brooks








I am so excited to share with you that I am officially a Latina Mom Blogger! First of all I love writing, but writing in English is not as natural as it would be for me in Spanish. Although, I always do my best!
It took me about two years to figure this whole idea of having a blog. Many people told me, you should have your own blog. I thought YES it sounds interesting, but what could I write about, that would be interesting for my readers?  It really wasn’t easy to figure it out. Its actually during the process of building my blog that I found my reason for having one. First of all, I found that could share my personal experiences as an American Hispanic Jewelry Entrepreneur with other women in my situation. Although, the most important reason is that I discovered that through my blog I have a voice!

Now, for those of you that are just staring to blog, let me tell you something that is very important about blogging: you absolutely need to find who is your target audience. It is very important that you find your target audience because you cannot expect and hope that everybody is going to read your blog. You need to write about things that are going to appeal to the target audience you pick whether it is mompreneurs, stay at home moms etc.


In my case I relate to Hispanic Women Entrepreneurs, because of my Hispanic background and my business in jewellery design, right? Also, I now I relate to mompreneurs and Hispanic mompreneurs because I am a mom, right? While I was doing my research about Latina Bloggers, I also found wonderful people like the Latina Mom Bloggers who connect Latino Mom Bloggers across the web. Would you of though that, that was possible? Well, YES it is! You need to remember that everything is possible!
I have connected with Angela the Co-founder of Latina Mom Blogger and it was like I was talking to a friend. To someone who could hear my kid in the background and understand that I was working although I work from home and that YES sometimes my kid yells for attention, right?
If we really collaborate with each other within our own community we can grow and be more. We can let other people know about our work, our challenges, our ideas, our success and anything across the web.
Through my blog people from Australia & Canada who found me through the Internet have contacted me. You see with the Internet we can connect with people all over the world! 

A big thanks to Latina Mom Blogger for helping us LEARN, CONNECT & GROW!!
Evelyn proudly wearing her new t-shirt