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It was another day at our studio in Alexandria, VA. When I as usual looked at my emails on my cell and read VOGUE UK on my inbox…so at first It was like OH that can’t be me, then I was like why not?

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So the email was inviting me to take part of the jewelry designer profile issue in their upcoming March & April issue. When I finished reading it I looked at my assistants and I said: YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS! VOGUE UK wants Evelyn Brooks Designs in their upcoming issue, with tears in my eyes (AS USUAL)…LOL

Vogue March 2014

After all these years in business I have learned to remain calm, think twice, before making a decision and as much as it sounds as the opportunity of your lifetime. I said to myself, let’s find out what there is behind all this proposal.

Next day I sent them an email asking them how they found me, how they choose me, in other words why me? Many years ago, when I 1st started, I would have probably just jump on it…but I needed to know all about it and as I always say if the opportunity is for YOU, it is for YOU.

Of course I was curious to find out answers to my questions. Anyhow I would be feature in one of the most important sections of Vogue UK called jewelry designers profile. Vogue UK handpicked a selection of talented, international undiscovered jewelry designers.  Evelyn Brooks, met their high criteria. Their fashion team is always looking out for innovative designers; they loved the Peruvian influence behind my jewelry and the idea of using red seeds something so clever. That is how they came across my website and reached out to me by email.

The March issue was release on Thursday Feb. 6th and is one of VOGUE UK largest editions. It showcases the brand new Spring/Summer collections from the leading fashion houses. Reaching to approx. 1.3 million worldwide readers. The jewelry designers profile section is presented as a recommendation from Vogue UK to its readers who spend almost 90 million pounds  during the last year just  in jewelry.

Could I say NO?! Of course NOT! so this is just the beginning of Evelyn Brooks Designs coming to Europe. Now I must say my Spanish assistant Maite, can’t wait for us to do our first trade show in Europe:) since she is Barcelone;)

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There is still more to come for Evelyn Brooks Designs. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @ebrooksdesigns and also LIKE us on Facebook.

Have a great weekend!



I am seating here thinking about Peru Fashion Night NYC tomorrow. Which will be the 1st time in New York doing a Fashion Show.

I completely believe in this phrase “when is your time is your time and no one can’t take it away” 

PFN Postcard page3

I still remember the day  I was going to showcase in a gallery in Soho, but it wasn’t the right time, then. I didn’t feel secure about doing the show, about my relationship with the gallery and so many other details behind the show.

This time around is completely different. We have done so many fashion shows in different cities, so many presentations. We are SO READY TO TAKE OVER NEW YORK, and as I have been saying lately we will ROCK THE RUNWAY!

I feel blessed in many ways.  All I am thinking is about all the things you have to go through in life to be to where you want to be. Which is a LOT but in my case I never lose confidence that one day my work would be recognized in front of the  most demanding audiences.

I am such a big dreamer and tomorrow night I will be living one of my dreams. Just as if I were watching the Devil Wears Prada and I am ANDREA (Anne Hathaway) in Paris;) I can say I feel almost in heaven  

We have worked so hard to present Evelyn Brooks Designs in the runway of Peru Fashion Night-NYC. That we are sure YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED.

simon 7

One of my biggest dream is to continue growing and continue with the mission of Evelyn Brooks Designs, bringing the magic of my Peruvian Huayruros to the world. We are little by little getting into more boutiques and galleries, we have more customers buying online, we have more social media presence. More LIKES on Facebook, more followers on twitter, instagram, tumblr, etc.

And we continue traveling around the United States promoting Evelyn Brooks Designs. Soon Canada & Europe.



With a kid of almost 5 years old and a one year old little girl, it is hard. But I have a wonderful partner/husband that helps me SO MUCH, making this dream a reality:)

We hope you enjoyed this journey as much as we do in pursuing our American Dream.

We promise to continue bringing my jewelry designs inspired by my Peruvian culture to the world. Where Peruvians and non-Peruvians alike are proud of wearing my jewelry designs.


See you in the Runway of Peru Fashion Night-NYC 2014 at the New Yorker Hotel.

Of course I wrote this blog listening City of Blinding Lights of U2 (listen the lyrics;) and we will look BEAUTIFUL:)


Evelyn Brooks