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And the time came when we had try to potty train Stella since she was two, but it didn’t work out. Some people say is better to do it during Summer time.   Well we were a away for a month during summer time in Perú and we couldn’t do it.

Upon our return, I started to read about how to potty train your kid, so I had an idea because I honestly didn’t even know where to start. I just wanted to spank her once so she understood quickly, but that wouldn’t make things better, it would get things worse, especially if your kid is super stubborn like mine.

My Pre- Potty recommendations:

  • Stay at home at least FIVE days with your kid, no activities other than those around the house, to prevent “pee pee” accidents while you are at the grocery store or doing errands.
  • Start from showing your kid how you “pee pee” from sitting, wipi320-2820_PI_1000374MNng your butt and flushing the toilet.
  • Integrate barbies, babies or any favorite toy to the potty training time. Pretend barbie is going pee pee and show your kid how happy barbie it is to go pee pee. I know it may sounds “cu-cu” but your kid will feel related to that.
  • Find a toilet sit that your kid like. Some come with music, some has its favorite character, some are the portable potty’s. And get ready because even though you buy your kid’s favorite character toilet sit, when your kid tries it, he/she may not like it anymore. Or you may buy the portable potty, so your kid is more comfortable and he/she may just want to use the big toilet like everyone else in the house.
  • PATIENCE, and I will continue with this last recommendation PATIENCE, and if your kid is stubborn like mine MORE PATIENCE.

So our training started on a Monday and I had to train my daughter in Spanish, she doesn’t even know the word “potty”, we say “Vamos pi-pi”

1st day, our first attempt was right after breakfast and we offered a treat (chocolate), she cried a few times and after the 3rd attempt of taking her pee pee, she finally did it for the first time and Stella said ” I DID IT, I DID IT” everytime she pee pee, we made a BIG SUCCESS ACCOMPLISHMENT. She would go if we would take her but we wanted her to learn to say it: Mami quiero pipi. Our first day wasn’t bad, we only had one pee pee accident. Take your kid after 30 min of every meal, and don’t give any water 30 min before bedtime, so they go before bedtime and no accidents occur overnight.

2nd day was about the same as the first day. I had already read that even if you have bad days don’t stop, if you do, everything goes back to the beginning.

3rd day was a great morning, and after that three accidents including poo-poo accidents, my husband had to clean.  Stella cried, we were ALL upset and stressed out, we talked firmly with her and were very tough with her. A friend of mine told me don’t change her cloths after an accident wait until she notices it and she won’t like; so even though we had a really bad third day…

4th day was with one accident and one ride to the mall without an accident.

5th day no accidents at all, although get ready for this… until this day she says : I Poopoo mami, so my first reaction was like NO! she already poopoo in her pants, everytime she says I poopoo mami means she wants to go poopoo, so you need understand every kid is different the idea is that at least you get rid off those diapers and your kid starts using the toilet.

Remember don’t lose your PATIENCE! in the end everyone will be happy.

Till next time,

Evelyn Brooks

(see below other toilet sit ideas)


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screamingNow that I have two kids things are starting to get complicated. Having one child is a bit easier, I think…two is getting complicated and I can only imagine, three, four or more…What happens when they scream for attention? and you still have to continue with your dream of succeeding as a mompreneur. screaming-kid

I am starting to notice more often, my older son is screaming for attention. He does everything the opposite way as I say. Why? I don’t know. I can scream inside myself thinking: what can we do as parents? We always try our best that is all we can do, right?

My son seems to love his sister but sometimes, he pokes her in the eye, or even squeeze her stomach or he tells me: mommy Stellita is pinching me, Stellita is pulling my hair and Stellita is only 7 months old.

Tyler & his little sister Stella Rose

Tyler & his little sister Stella Rose

Tyler & his little sister Stella Rose

Once a week I tried to have mommy and me time just the two of us. Last saturday we went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. We talked and we said to each other I love u, and I love u back…etc, etc… before we left I asked Tyler to wash his hands. He went in the bathroom and I waited for him at the door, then I heard him screaming, I go in to see what happened? and he kept screaming. Out of nothing!!! What would you do? is 9a and people are peacefully having their coffee on a saturday morning at Dunkin donuts? Trust me those things I don’t get them. Of course he screams for attention but I wish I could read his mind and I could know what is going on through his head. Of course he only does it with me more than with daddy.

We have tried time out, doesn’t work. We have talked, doesn’t work. We have tried taking toys away, we have tried “throwing away” most loved toy or taking away candy and throwing it away… He still screams for attention.

And as I am trying to find answers to all this, I kept reading different articles and this are some of the other things we will try in the process of raising our two kids.

Responding to Misbehavior

To discipline effectively, think about these ideas:

  1. Using effective discipline methods to respond to misbehavior helps the child learn self-control and helps create a happy atmosphere at home.
  2. Divert the child’s attention from something you don’t want him to do or use positive models to change behavior.
  3. Let children settle their own arguments unless there is danger of one of them being hurt.
  4. Be firm about behavior you feel strongly about.
  5. Be detached. Imagine your are your child’s aunt or uncle.
  6. Keep children so busy making choices and knowing for certain that they have to live with those choices that they don’t have time to “put their moves on you.”

I hope this helps a bit as you raise your terrible two’s, three’s, four…etc kid:)

Evelyn Brooks

Mommy & Tyler's favorite things to do together: Beading jewelry;) Keep US busy

Mommy & Tyler’s favorite things to do together: Beading jewelry;) Keep US busy