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Before a Fashion show,


Youtuber, Mss Primavera DC, model & radio host Cindy Gamez Photo by Matthew Ryson

Besides choosing and fitting models, in my case as a jewelry designer I have to take care of separating the jewelry collections by models, making sure what model is going to wear what depending her neck line and dress style.

Also who will do hair and make up? making sure our headbands show perfect on the runway.

Once we get to the site where we will have our fashion show, we have to make sure we always have plyers, safety pins, needles and threads just in case something goes wrong that needs to be fix or fix any jewelry piece that may be accidentally broken.

We also have to make sure the host has our name, knows about our collection and that Evelyn Brooks Designs works with seeds known as “huayruros” why-ee-ru-ros and mixed them with silver and gold, also our inspiration is my Peruvian heritage.

Let’s not forget the music, we need to have our CD and USB ready with the music we want to play during our runway show.

Make sure you logo is been given to the organizers so they will project it once you are on the runway:)

During the Fashion Show,

The day of the Fashion Show at least  6 hours before the show models are suppose to be arriving for hair and make up, after that is dress up time and making sure they are ready to go out on the runway. Line up the models, do a quick runway rehearsal and vamonos it is SHOWTIME

A quick suggestion here, always have an extra model just in case one gets sick or any last minute emergency, always have extra set of jewelry just in case another models shows up. Or simply you have to accessorize the host, organizer, etc. And regardless anything the SHOW MUST GO ON!

Get ready to say some words about you and your collection, of course this is your moment to feel proud for 10 seconds walk the runway and let everyone know who you are.

Say cheese and cheer with all the audience.


Photo by Delia Nolasco


After the Fashion Show,

The fun part begins, first of ALL very important THANK everyone helping you making your fashion segment possible . Never will be a bad idea giving a little present from your collection to your models. Trust me they love having something to treasure and will remember how great is working with you.

If the models aren’t in any other segment with another designer coming after YOU, is great because all they have to do is return jewelry, clothes and SHOW is over. BUT if they are modeling another designer five minutes after you is madness because jewelry will be all over the place, we need lots of hands to get the jewelry from the models.

Here a little video on how everything comes back to my studio and takes a lot of time to reorganize everything to get ready for our new fashion show, coming SOON:)

Stay tuned for details,

Hasta la próxima,


Believe it or not this is a very delicate subject, that will leave you thinking if you should or not let your daughter dress like a princess.

Before I got my sweet little girl Stella Rose, I remember been in of course Disney world or sometimes just at the mall and seeing little girls dressing like a princess. My first thoughts were, how in the world will I dress a little girl like a princess? and on top of that spend money on expensive dresses because believe me, there is a whole marketing study behind all this and behind the efforts to make the princess world a whole success for many companies.

Years passed and now is my time to see my little girl, wanting to only wear princess dresses. It all started when  someone gifted her  Ana’s Frozen dress, now she only wants to wear that dress. Of course this momy (me), the one who complained about buying princess dresses is now ordering princess dresses for her little princess. Of course we just want our kids to be happy but let’s set some limits.

IMG_5829 IMG_5764

One of the subjects that have turned to be very controversial is the different racial types of princesses in the different Disney movies, making us think that our little girls are certain type of princess, and they should be whoever they want to be as long as they respect themselves and others, right?




I know your little girl might be little to understand certain things but always remember them:


We also have to understand this is a phase girls will go through, more so if Disney is your best friend channel every morning or everyday, you know. So let them be, sit, relax and enjoy this phase that in my particular case I never had. Maybe cause Disney wasn’t that big back then but anyways let’s just have fun with some limits;)


Evelyn Brooks