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Every woman loves to own delicate and sparkling pieces of ornaments that speak out her heart and soul. No doubt that the jewellery that you wear tells a lot about the hidden charming traits of your personality. The trends keep on changing but these necklaces, earrings, rings and bangles enhance your inner charms and make you look ethereal in the eyes of the beholders.

The summer was all filled up with the trendy sunglasses, chic jewellery and other accessories but the season is changing now so get ready for a big and stylish change in your whole personality. The designers have launched their latest collection for fall 2017 and you must have a look at these runways approved trends to refresh your ornament collection and give an edge to your outfits.

Here are some must-haves for the fall 2017 that you should never ignore if you want to look trendy and style icon.

The Exotic Multi Ring

The most influential fashion weeks such as NY and London fashion week has promoted one thing in common on the runways and that’s the exotic and mesmerizing multi ring collection. The geometrical shapes, vintage inspiration and large and bold gem stones are coming back in ring trend and they give a bold and exciting view to a simple or plain outfit. This trend is just love! As it allows you to add an instant pop of color to dull winter apparels and refreshes your whole in a fun way.  has all what you are looking for at one place. There is a lovely and irresistible jewellery collection which is best selling too.

Bold and Beautiful Necklaces 

Among the top most jewellery trends of this fall 2017 are the bold and stunning necklaces that are absolute head turner. Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la are some of these designers who launched their heavy and impressing necklace jewellery that instantly attracted everyone’s attention and established as a style statement for this fall 2017. You can confidently consider buying the bold Peruvian necklace collection to give a dramatic change to your fall look.

Peruvian handmade Jewellery

I have designed some of the marvelous pieces of ornaments with a touch of classic and edgy styles whish are meant to make you stand out of crowd. The unique and interesting jewellery items have become famous in a short span of time and can be the best choice to wear casual or night out and with a perfect chic look.

Hoop Earrings

An incredible fashion trend of fall 2017 is the hoop earring which is exclusively feminine and sophisticated piece of ornament. It complements your facial features and adds a twinkling shine to your dull winter attire. The earring collection presented by Evelyn Brooks is classy and must-haves for this season’s desired look. Want to get these georgeous earrings? Get them NOW on our amazon handmade shop. 


These are handmade and artistic jewellery items which are meant to transform a plain or printed outfit into ethnically exotic style statement.

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Evelyn Brooks

Today I felt I needed to run away from my home/office. My new baby girl is 4 months and my older son is 4 years old. More than ever I need to maximize my time. Someday I feel I haven’t done much at all. Trying to concentrate working from home, but I hear my baby and I run to make sure everything is all right. Even though the nanny takes care of her. But I guess this is normal.

Working from home is great! But for example today my son doesn’t go to school. He only goes to school Tuesday through Friday.



Mondays are kind of crazy, especially if I am trying to work from home. I better run away from home and get something done.



A friend of mine another entrepreneur like me, told me. Evelyn let’s have coffee and work at the nearest coffee place. I have started this since last Monday. I guaranteed YOU that I have accomplished more than you could imagine.



I had an apple turnover and my hazelnut coffee;)



I also did my list of priority things  to do, starting with:

– Answering emails

– Applying for show with deadlines soon to come

– Making phone calls

to do

I think I also needed air and be away from home. Although I am still breastfeeding having two kids is not as easy as you could imagine. My nanny leaves at 4p and I always think I will have time to accomplish more things when she is gone.

But my son Tyler tells me mommy sit with me, mommy I need water, mommy I am hungry, mommy I need to go to the bathroom; he knows how to do it all but he is acting as if he is a baby (you might know why…, right?) perhaps he is going through a special phase because my attention goes more to my little girl.

To be honest sometimes I feel frustrated I don’t have the same time. So after 4p is becoming harder and harder for me to work so I end up working when everybody is in bed.

Now more than ever I have to maximize my time. I have to prioritize more than ever. I know time flies, too. So I also know I need to enjoy my kids and I truly want to do it.

Some friends have three, four kids and they still remain in business, they still engage into new challenges and they are my inspiration to continue strong knowing that YES I CAN DO IT! So do you;)


Hope this helps you in your journey as a mompreneur,


Evelyn Brooks