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Are you an entrepreneur, have you developed a product you want to launch, introduce and take your product into stores. Stylemax Chicago offers a great opportunity for small businesses like mine.

Why Chicago?

Midwest buyers will come to shop in time for spring/summer, I feel shows early in the year are for buyers to come look, make notes of what they will buy (place orders for spring/summer delivery) but are not as successful as shows closer to the spring & summer (in terms of PO’s written) PO’s = Purchase order. Although the presence of your company/brand is relevant even during winter time especially if you are kind of new so you can talk about your brand, get business cards and do your FOLLOW UP in time to get orders in March/April.

8071028_origWant your product in states like Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri among other States, this is the place to be.  There are many towns that I haven’t even heard of , with great stores, boutiques, galleries that are always looking for new products.

In our case is a great opportunity to continue growing our  Peruvian Peruvian Huayruros jewelry collection and bring it more states.

This year we are launching a brand new marketing campaign, with designs that are more than just a jewelry piece but are also meaningful, with history behind every piece. The properties and meaning of the Peruvian huayruros are known for bringing:


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Buyers can choose which cards appeal more for their clients, so it’s piece of jewelry that will come nicely packed with beautiful cards.  These pieces are more than just jewelry and tell a meaningful story and make great, thoughtful gifts.

Ecofriendly stores fall more and more in love with our Peruvian huayruros.  Our ultimate goal is to continue bringing the magic and sharing the history of our Peruvian huayruros with the world.

Producers of Alpaca products like Itala Testino, Alpaca International, Varignia Garcia, Textil Colca, Certified Organic cotton clothes for babies  by Makicotton and Peruvian huayruros turned into meaningful & trendy jewelry pieces by Evelyn Brooks Designs,  are here supported by PROMPERU and the Trade Comission Office of Peru in Washington DC, without a doubt the work they are doing worldwide is non other than to promote Peru, and let the world know about our quality of work and creativity we put in everything we do.

Till next time;)

Evelyn Brooks Designs took part of the round business meetings, showcasing her award-winning eco-friendly jewelry collection during the Peru Trade Mission in Washington, D.C. and New York.

Buyers from New York and from Washington, D.C. came to see my designs, as well as alpaca designs made by Catex-Peru, Varignia Garcia, Grethel Gonzales and Itala Testino.

Juan Luis Reus (Head of the Peru Trade Mission in Washington DC), Evelyn Brooks & Jose Corbera (Commerce Office Embassy of Peru in Washington DC)

Juan Luis Reus (Head of the Peru Trade Mission in Washington DC), Evelyn Brooks & Jose Corbera (Commerce Office Embassy of Peru in Washington DC)

During the Washington, D.C. round business meeting, the Trade Office of Peru contacted potential clients and prospective buyers that would be interested in carrying Evelyn Brooks Designs, as well as matching other designers with potential buyers that would be interested in carrying alpaca products.


Our cultural attache Mrs. Flor Diaz, always present to support Peruvian talent. In this picture with Varignia Garcia.

The trade office in Washington, D.C., helped share my online wholesale catalog and portfolio with potential buyers. Thanks to this effort, my whole day was full of meetings with new and old buyers.  Thanks to these efforts, and trust me it wasn’t on my 2013 sales plan, it was a HUGE help that put Evelyn Brooks Designs in three of the most prestigious boutiques in the DC area.

Virtuarte –  ToroMata – Zina Boutique 


“ToroMata” owner Hector Zarate with one of the Peruvian designers, ToroMata is carrying the BIGGEST selection of EBD huayruro earrings in Washington DC – Visit them! SHOP LOCAL & HAND-MADE at 2410 18st NW Washington DC


“Virtuarte” owner Debbie Myers loved EBD jewelry collection and is adding it to her collection of cultural & unique gifts sold only at her virtual store

Lots of follow-up to do in January and February with other boutiques interested in carrying EBD for Spring.  November is a month where most of the shops are already done with their buying for the year. I was aware of this.

I think this was a great opportunity for me and for the other designers, also for buyers that were looking for new designers, fresh designs, etc. Buyers also save time and money because it was a mini-trade show close to them, instead of having to go to New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, etc. They already got an eye on collections that could be a good fit for their shops.

We presented our complete jewelry line that will be available in 2014 at different trunk shows in the United States.


Zina Boutique in the heart of U Street (1526 U St. NW) owner Valeria Medrano is excited and is hosting a double wknd jewelry trunk show beginning on Dec. 9th.

Zina Boutique, located on 1526 U St. NW DC. is also getting ready to carry Evelyn Brooks Designs just in time to end your Christmas shopping list. Owner Valeria Medrano is hosting a double weekend trunk show beginning Friday Dec. 13th.  through Dec. 24th.  My heart huayruro collection and classic passion red jewelry collection will be there waiting for YOU.

Overall the Peru Mission Trade in Washington DC was a huge success!


Arrive on time for set up at 11 a.m., and I was ready to meet potential New York buyers. Also guests were treated to a lovely lunch, that of course included pisco sours


Buyers from different areas in New York came to shop the latest jewelry designs from Evelyn Brooks Designs

When you go to a trade show, you prepare yourself and present the best you can, right? What we hope is to get buyers interested in your product, right?


Conrado Falco (Head of Peru Trade Mission in New York), Evelyn Brooks & Hector Rojas


With the amazing, the one &  only                                      event coordinator Hector Rojas


Peruvian designers to the World during the Peru Trade Mission in New York

When I go to New York, there is always that special magic that makes you dream that one day your designs will be all over New York. So far EBD is sold at the Museum of Art & Design in New York.  But to be honest in NYC there is SO MUCH competition.

I peaked interest from a couple boutiques, so what’s next is a lot of follow up.

The event coordinator for the event, Hector Rojas, had invited some friends who fell in love with my jewelry designs. Days later…one of these special guests went online and bought over 20 items from our online store.

To be honest, IT HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST ONLINE SALE we have ever had!

That was the most amazing thing that happened from my trip to New York. It also reinforced me that the future of many companies will rely in online sales.

Thanks to all involve in the Peru Mission Trade in New York. To Mr. Conrado Falco and his team, for making this possible. I truly hope this is the first of many other opportunities that will bring Evelyn Brooks Designs back to the Big Apple.


Evelyn Brooks