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It is a pleasure to be invited again during the Spring Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC. This time they have created the Hand-craft fair.

Spring Annual Meetings II.001

The Handcraft Fair will be located at the heart of the Meeting’s campus, between the IMF and WB Buildings and the GW venues. The Handcraft Fair provides a unique opportunity for  delegates and all other participants to shop, relax and enjoy the campus.  The Handcraft Fair will host six local exhibitors, located specifically in the middle of the campus, along with the food outlets and outdoor networking lounge.

Each Spring, thousands of government officials, journalists, civil society organizations, and invited participants from academia and the private sector, gather in Washington DC for the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group. The meetings take place between the IMF, WB, and GW building: Lisner and Jack Morton.

Spring Annual Meetings - i.001


We look forward to seeing you there! and thanks again to the International Monetary Fund organizers team for bringing us back!


Evelyn Brooks Designs


Sometimes life gives you many surprise…Many years ago when I first started looking for a job in Washington DC, one of my dream jobs was to work for an international organization. For three years I worked at the Pan American Health in Washington DC. I left it for good to dedicate myself full time to my jewelry business. Although I miss my good friends, and all the latin flavor that comes with it:) The cafeteria with international food and speaking Spanish 70% of the time as if I were in Peru.

Few weeks ago I received a phone call from one of the event coordinators of the International Monetary Fund, asking me if I could work demonstrating how I hand-craft my jewelry pieces. The event would be call Peruvian Craft Demo by Evelyn Brooks. The purpose was to promote Peru during different presentations with traditional dances like Marinera, gourmet Peruvian food and Evelyn Brooks Designs with her jewelry designs made with the traditional huayruros.

peruvian crafts demo (1)

I prepared my proposal and send it as requested. Once approved I started to prepare everything making sure it would be a wonderful presentation. This would be a very special exhibition; because I was going back to the world of the International Organizations in Washington DC, but this time I was hired to perform what I love to do and present my jewelry line (kind of like a dream come true).

I left this world to pursue and take one of the biggest risks in my life, to launch officially my own company, become an entrepreneur and a few years later  become a mompreneur. Coming back was a way of showing that I left for good;) THANK GOD!


Two of the top most recognized newspapers Peru 21 & Diario “La Republica” in Lima-Peru came to interview and learn about what Evelyn Brooks, a Peruvian who left Peru almost 10 years ago, had decided to continue her career and make a new life in the United States.

Red the complete interview Diario “La Republica” and Peru 21

We look forward to coming back and bringing the beauty of our Peruvian huayruros to the world:)

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Evelyn Brooks