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May your Thanksgiving be FULL of the real meaning of GIVING THANKS, for the many things we have received, for the things we haven’t, for the difficult times we’ve gone through, simply be thankful. Let’s continue to grow as friends & family and ALWAYS BE THANKFUL. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

I learned since I came, THANKSGIVING is an American tradition, I respect it, VERY MUCH and I have learned to love & enjoy THANKSGIVING DAY. My family isn’t close but luckily God put people in our path that become our family. I am truly thankful for being able to celebrate my american tradition with those friends and family,
God gave me as family in my two worlds one chica chapter of my life;) Cheers to ALL of those who I know feel the same way:)


Que este Thanksgiving este lleno del verdadero sentido de dar GRACIAS, por todo lo que hemos recibido, por las cosas que no hemos recibido, por los momentos difíciles que hemos pasado. SIMPLEMENTE DEMOS GRACIAS. Continuemos creciendo como amigos y familia siempre dando gracias. FELIZ DIA DE ACCION DE GRACIAS!

Desde que vine a este pais, aprendi que el dia de Accion de Gracias es una tradicion americana, que respeto mucho, aprendi a amar y disfrutar esta tradicion, no tengo a mi familia cerca. Pero Dios puso en mi camino a aquellos que se volvieron como parte de mi familia. Vivo agradecida por la oportunidad de celebrar esta tradicion americana con mis amigos y familia que Dios me dio y puedo continuar este capitulo viviendo dos mundos y culturas diferentes en esta mi segunda patria. Salud con todos aquellos que se identifican con este sentir;) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!




When my husband Bryan Brooks and I decided to launched Evelyn Brooks Designs in June of 2004;  I knew it was not going to be easy. I knew there was a lot of work and commitment to make the company work and make it profitable.

Evelyn Brooks -Runway to Peru - Fashion for Conservation

Evelyn Brooks -Runway to Peru – Fashion for Conservation

Perhaps my husband like many husbands out there thought OK, I will support her but who knows if this will work out. All my husband wanted was to make me happy. He always supported ALL my ventures. Even if he disagrees, he knew I would do it anyways. Even when we had our first child seven years ago; he said you will be able to manage and YES we did. When hard times came he was also there. There were months when he had to put money into my business because of many reasons, maybe no sales, because it was slow season, or simply the economy hit so badly that people weren’t buying. But I always stayed positive, contrary to my husband he was always realistic as he said to me, he wasn’t trying to hurt me, he was just realistic.


Tyler & Stella are the engine of our everyday life.

Years passed by,  growing little by little our company. Those years have given us so much knowledge on regards to how the industry works, knowing my buyers so well that I learned that toughest buyers are tough because they don’t have time to mess around, and all they want to do is business with you (just so you know don’t take it personal, it is just business). I have had some of the most amazing buyers and mentors like the buyer from the National Building Museum in DC, or former founder of Empowered Women International Marga Fripp. I have met great people like my dear Peruvian professionals from the World Bank who invited us to be in charge of the Peru Handcraft Pavillion for three years during the Annual meetings.  Press and media who have come to events specifically to interview me, like Armand Hugon, or invite me to do a TV segment with Silvana Quiroz & Nestor Bravo from the number one morning show of Univision Buenos Dias DC.  My list will be long of all the support we have received. Seating with personalities that I could only dream of, it was at times surreal.  At times I thought how could someone so powerful actually be giving so much help, like Christine Brooks – Cropper founder of the DC Fashion Foundation, who has been my mentor for over ten years. Or meeting the editor in chief for different USA TODAY magazines who featured us in three different magazines nationwide.

I won’t bore you mentioning all the people who has been there for US. But check out some of the most important moments.

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Evelyn Brooks & Mrs. Flor Diaz (Peru Cultural Attache for the United States)

Evelyn Brooks & Mrs. Flor Diaz (Peru Cultural Attache for the United States)

Juan Luis Reus (Head of the Peru Trade Mission in Washington DC), Evelyn Brooks & Jose Corbera (Commerce Office Embassy of Peru in Washington DC)

Juan Luis Reus (Head of the Peru Trade Mission in Washington DC), Evelyn Brooks & Jose Corbera (Commerce Office Embassy of Peru in Washington DC)


Photoshoot session with Sandro Gomez, Vanessa Arias and MUA by Eduardo Carcamo















All I could do is end up this blog saying that for years Evelyn Brooks Designs had a dream of designing and making Peruvian inspired jewelry mixed with contemporary art and following the latest trends. For years our social responsible commitment has been growing and continues to support different communities to help eradicate poverty, creating better living infrastructure, well paid jobs and promoting better education.

My interns, each an everyone, has touched my life in many different ways, some are married now, some are working at the best design houses in New York, there was one that call me once to Thank me so much because when she went to her final interview with Telemundo, the president said to her OMG you worked with Evelyn Brooks? and That is all the president of Telemundo needed to know, to immediately opened the doors to an easier interview that followed with a job position.

It is been TWELVE years so we must be doing something right, huh? The U.S. Government is now selling my jewelry designs through the Eastern National Parks at the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and The Ford’s Theater. My collection with Peruvian huayruro seed20150622-Sergio-Davala-M-VP016s is sold nationwide. We have worked hard to come to more and more places and will continue to do it.

My latest venture is opening a shop in Cusco – Peru (Cusco Designers Showroom), the project that I actually thought my husband would be so against to, he was the one that told me: DO IT, I AM WITH YOU. DO IT. Even our nanny said I was waiting for your husband to scream and say NO, I SAID NO (just cause we know him so well…LOL)

And we have so many projects coming up in the next months, we will keep you posted. Thanks for being there for us, after all these years. My commitment is to continue bringing innovative jewelry designs that you will feel proud to wear or you would love to give them away as gifts.

From now through July 15Th we are offering 15%off all our online purchase. Use Code: ANNIVERSARY15

Till next time,

Evelyn Brooks