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I Need Social Control

Why is it that every time I get online to do something productive, I find myself on a social network. It’s crazy!! People spend hours after hours liking Facebook status’ retweeting, looking at friend’s photo, it just doesn’t stop!

Social networking was not a part of my life not too long ago, but now it’s even a part of my job. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter,I do it all.

To manage all of these accounts I use It allows me to manage my different accounts, schedule posts for free; and if you are willing to upgrade your account you can get extra features such as custom analytic reports. With this tool I am able to spend less time on social networks, while staying connected!

Social media dashboards are a great way for small businesses to stay engaged under budget. Hootsuite is not the only social media dashboard out there. There is, which is also completely free! And if you and your business can take on a minor expense there is:,, and

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