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Hispanic Living Magazine showcase work of Evelyn Brooks Designs nationwide

Few months ago, one of the most known photographers in the DC area Jerald Council asked me if wanted to collaborate with him  and use some of my jewelry pieces in an upcoming photo shoot with Hispanic Living Magazine for their september issue.

Of course! I am always up for something like that even if my jewelry is not used (cause it happens) but this time the collaboration with Jerald Council (creative director) Usa Today couldn’t be more perfect.

We have previously worked when he was in charge of Council Magazine. All I could say about this gentleman is that he was simply so PROFESSIONAL, so easy to work with, so it would be again another pleasure to work with him. I had no doubt.

Let me share with you the final work of this collaboration. I am so happy to see my jewelry designs made with Peruvian natural stones and my ecofriendly jewelry line made with natural seeds known as huayruros in this photo shoot that went nationwide since this past Monday. Pick up Hispanic Living Magazine at your nearest newstand;)

Thanks again to the wonderful work of Jerald Council and his team making this possible. Looking forward to another collaboration:)


Evelyn Brooks