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The Versatility of Jewelry

The beauty of jewelry is that it is the most versatile accessory out there: you can wear a single necklace with a great range of styles and outfits. Today, all over the US, there is a cold front hitting us, just a few days or weeks before spring break. In light of this, I began to wonder: what can I pair my Eco-Friendly Wood Bracelet and Nazca Circle of Life Necklace with? N4261 B1470-300x300                 When bundled up in the cold winter weather, it's important to layer. Wearing the Nazca Circle of Life Necklace and the Eco-Friendly Wood Bracelet with a simple black sweater and jeans with black riding boots is the perfect way to bundle up but stay in style. 3.4.15sweater For those who still need to brave the cold to go into work, the outfit should be stylish and functional. To rock the chic, sophisticated and business look, while still staying warm, pair the Eco-Friendly Wood Bracelet and Nazca Circle of Life Necklace with a black blazer, skinny pants and a pair of pumps. The red of huayruro beads adds just the right amount of color to bring your look to life! 3.4.15blazer

 Stay safe, stay warm, stay stylish!

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