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Oh yes I still think how it all  started?  It has been over two years of me teaching jewelry design, jewelry beading and answering a bunch of questions from young future designers or simply those who think of it as a business. Over the long run they realize is too hard and difficult to make it happen.

I have been invited to different presentations from for profit and  non profit organizations to share my experiences as a jewelry designer and business artist entrepreneur.                                                                                                                I remember volunteering my time to give a presentation for Empowered Women International, especially because this non profit helps immigrant artist through their Entrepreneurship Training Program to learn how to see themself as an artist but more importantly a BUSINESS ARTISTA.  I feel very compelled with their mission and the program. I came to this country without knowing how to introduce myself as an artist/jewelry designer, nor how to create a portfolio (now I have three different ones) and I learned that through that programOpen-mouthed smile I have also learned through perseverance and through other classes I have taken. We still make fun and joke about my 1st meeting with Mrs. Marga Fripp the director of Empowered Women International. She always says I remember Evelyn walking into their office/shop of Alexandria with a bag full of stones and even tools. All this to show Marga that I was a true artist who made her own jewelry. And YES I still giggle about that day and how I did my 1st introduction. Of course I will never go to any of my boutiques that now carry my jewelry line with my bag of huayuros and tools to introduce my new collection right?! But at that time I didn’t know what was best to do. Experience has given me confidence to present my work professionally and proudly.

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Empowered Women International has open the doors of many inmigrant artists. Their histories have being featured in different social media, too. Above picture EWI artists, Marga Fripp (Director of EWINT) next to Evelyn Brooks

Time has given me confidence to present my work professionally and proudly.

I digress back to my teaching subject. I have lots to share and probably I will talk about it more than once. It is an honor for me to be recognized for my work as a teacher and recieve a diploma from the Montgomery College. WOW! It is an honor for me to be recognized for my work as a teacher and get a diploma from the Montgomery College….WOW!


If I teach is because there is a necessity and people are eager to learn something new, something that can be used for themselves or giving away as gifts or simply as a relaxing way to de'stress. My method is VERY DIFFERENT, there is no ice wall barrier in my class, everybody can participate, we laugh and chat. However, when I have to say CHICAS ESCUCHENME! THEY DO! I think working for United Airlines helped me a lot in given me so much knowledge about customer service. Immediately making them feel at easy. That you are there to assist them is key to success in any business venture. Do never make anybody feel bad.


One of my worst experiences I had as a student; was when I went to take a class at the Torpedo Factory. . I had such an awful and complex teacher. Three students dropped the class. Her social skills were abrasive. So rough, that one day I came back home and told my husband: Thank God I do not suffer from depression because after hearing what I heard I would have probably jumped out of the 10th floor. I stood still and tried to be so strong every time I went to that class. The teacher whenever I asked a question, she pretended did not understand what I asked and asked everybody in the class: can anybody translate what Evelyn had said? or simply will cut me off when I would ask a question. Until one day I told her: LET ME FINISH… and she did Thumbs up

I have had the pleasure of not seeing her again. I promised to myself if I ever teach, I would never trample on the imaginations of others. As a teacher your responsibility is to lift and raise the potential of others so that they may reach their full creative potential.

I am soooo proud with my advance group (students Lucia Goldman & Milagros Murga) how well they are working Winking smile - GOOD JOB! (see pictures below)samples adv clss

I have more teaching experiences I can share Winking smile. If you like to attend one of my classes – Please visit my link, classes can be taught in Spanish and English


My passion to support the community comes from where I come from and how I was raised. Also from my personal experiences. I wasn’t given the opportunity to attend a fashion design program at the age of 15 or simply getting an internship that could teach me about the fashion world.

When I agreed to partner with the Fairfax County Public Schools in becoming a mentor and to offer  young adults the opportunity to learn about the real business world, my day to day activities, etc… I took it seriously. The interns that have passed through my internship program they know I mean BUSINESS when it comes to work. I share with them my personal experiences and gives them the opportunities to share their thoughts in many aspects of my business. Also cause sometimes I need a fresh take.

I will be honest most of my interns have being VERY and EXTREMELY professional with the exception of a few that weren’t interested in the fashion world and other a bit lazy. But it is what it is. If I grant you the opportunity take advantage of it; if not somehow you will learn about the real world.

Part of my business mission is to help my community and we keep doing it. I brought  my little one, Tyler to the Runway Ready show produced by Maggie Francois & students of the West Potomac Academy Fashion Design Program (three of my internst where also in the show) and we simply could not miss it! He had lots of fun... Tyler  got to see his new friends, too;  (Lilly, Wanda & Joanna) at 1st he would not recognized them with all the make up on…but then he remembered them. Tyler knows that every Thursday they come to work with mommy and we try to keep him away so we can work QUIETLY at the studio but sometimes it is impossible.


While Wanda works on learning about the latest jewelry trends, Tyler got her iPhone to play with and he loves giving her some company. We lay things on the floor when we discussed to many subjects. NO! WE DON’T WORK ON THE FLOOR ALL THE TIME Smile  Lilly another intern wasn’t there that day otherwise Tyler would have being all over her.